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Acceptable Forms Of Notary Identification

Putting a notary on a document means that the people that intend to use such a document would want an impartial person to check that the document is valid and that all the claims listed are valid. There are no restrictions on the type of document that can be notarized and the entities that carry out this procedure are known as notaries.

In order to get your document notarized, there are types of IDs that are accepted for the process and these IDs are thoroughly checked to verify the claims. In certain cases, exemptions of IDs are made for certain people like the homeless, the elderly, those with developmental disabilities, minors, low-income earners, and homeless people- in cases like this, there is a provision for credible witnesses which are people that can attest to the claims of the above mentioned. However, credible witnesses are allowed in some countries while some do not allow it because notaries are not considered valid based on personal knowledge.

Let us take a look at some of the IDs that are acceptable for notarization:


State-issued driver’s license


Since notarizations are done to verify the identity of the person that signs on the document in question, notaries are only done after the signer can provide a means of identification that shows all of their information. In this case, it might be an unexpired state-issued driver’s license. This driver’s license must be in hard copy as paper forms are rejected, it must also bear the clear photograph of the bearer and the names must tally with that on the document.


State issued identification card


This must have been issued by the government of the state in which the bearer stays and the notary is to be done. It must also have a clear photograph of the bearer and the general information that can be used as evidence.


International and Local passports


A way to affirm the claims of a bearer is by comparing the details given on the document to be notarized and one on a local or international passport. Passports are accepted for notary because there is a high level of assurance that all given personal information would have been perused by traveling agencies which makes it easier to prevent fraud or misinformation.


Military Identification card


This is tenable by veterans or present members of the state’s military force since all information would have been verified beforehand. This form of ID must be in hardcopy and should not have expired at the time of tendering it for notarization.



Resident ID card


This is acceptable from immigrants into a state either as full or partial residents of the locality where the notary is needed.


All of the above mentioned are accepted as notaries as long as they are not expired and are in their hard copy forms to show that they were not doctored. You will also notice they all are government-issued IDs- this is because it is easier to verify the information provided in the process of obtaining these IDs. Some of the unaccepted forms of identification include school or library ID cards, birth certificates, credit and debit cards, and social security cards.



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