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General Notary Services

We know the need to authenticate and validate documents before they are accepted in terms of a transaction as a notary. It encompasses getting the bearers of the documents to be notarized to provide evidence that their claims are right; the means of IDs provided are then thoroughly checked out by the notary before validating that the document is good for the intended legal purposes.

Notaries are essential to help you determine the authenticity of the documents you are about to present. It is also a form of fraud prevention since all claims made by the bearer of the documents would have to be verified by the notary before it is signed and thereafter used as a means of legal representation.

Why Choose Us?

We have experienced notary agents that ensure that the documents fully comply with the jurisdiction laws that they will be tendered in. We check out all the details on the document to be notarized, and in cases of discrepancies, we advise our clients on the next step to take. We have the authority to notarize such documents as certificates of incorporation, property documents, application forms, bills of sales, loan agreements, and powers of attorney.

Seller & Purchase Package

For real estate buying and selling, it is very important to get the processes right in order to avert any problems that might arise in the future. It is one for the buyer and seller of a property to agree to proceed with the transaction; it is another thing for both parties to have the necessary documents verified to be on the same page.

A seller and purchase package would contain such documents as the HUD-1 settlement statement prepared by the closing agent to account for all the cash or bank settlements involved in the transaction. There’s also the certificate of title, the loan payoff, the deed, the bill of sale, and the statement of closing costs, all of these are to be signed by the seller at the closing.

Why Choose Us?

Because of the long list of documents to be exchanged by both parties, it is important to have a mobile notary agent like us that will meet you at your desired location and ensure that all the documents are authentic; we will also serve as a witness to the closing and walk both parties through the documents before signing takes place.


Refinancing occurs when someone reviews the terms of an existing loan or mortgage or completely changes such loans. It is a sort of reevaluation of your business, home, or personal credit and repayment status. Refinancing would entail such things as reviewing payment schedules and interest rates.

In real estate, refinancing occurs when you, as a house owner, decides to change or revise the old mortgage for a new one to lower the mortgage interest, change the loan program, or shorten the payment term. This leaves the bank or financial institution handling the mortgage to pay off the old one with the new mortgage.

Why Choose Us?

As a Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent, we have worked with different escrow and mortgage companies and helped clients as you go through the different terms of their mortgage before deciding on refinancing. We are experienced in the proper execution of loan documents. We help you explore the different documents to be signed, walk you through the terms of refinancing, and after that, obtain your signature before adding the initial date and stamp.

We are completely impartial. We serve as neutral witnesses between you and the mortgage agents or financial institution by authenticating all the signed documents’ information. Since we are mobile, it is easier for us to help you notarize the documents faster than other notary agents.


Selling of real estate can involve a lot of documentation that could lead to error if not properly managed. Usually, there is a long list of documents that will be exchanged from when you put out your property for sale. At this stage, you will need documents like home repair and maintenance records, mortgage settlements, past utility bills, and homeowners insurance records.

At the stage where your home sale is launched, you will be dealing with such documents as listing agreements and the seller’s net sheet. During property closing, documents like appraisal report, closing statement, and deed of sales would be exchanged.

Why Choose Us?

Since the different stages of your property sale would require the exchange of quite a several documents, all of which would have to be authenticated and verified by a neutral person, you would be doing yourself a lot of good by choosing us for your notarization. Because of our flexibility and mobility, we will be with you through every stage of the selling process to ensure that the documents’ information is genuine.

Because of our notary experience for real estate buying and selling, we will walk you through these documents either in your homes or other preferred locations; this will make it easier for you to notarize your documents and close sales faster.


Have you found that dream home and would like to spring into the purchasing process? Do you know that the different stages in purchasing real estate would entail some documentation that would need to be verified and authorized by a notary? The regular purchasing process in real estate includes paying for the property(you would need a document as proof for payment), the mortgage agent or lender will fund your loan(this is a lot of paperwork). Then, the seller will transfer the title into your name(another paperwork).

Once this is done, we still have the transfer of the deed of sale to you, the affidavit of title, the transfer tax declarations, the deed of trust or mortgage, and not forgetting the closing disclosure.

Why Choose Us?

In all of the documentation exchange and signing, it is important to have a neutral party to confirm the document’s details and point your attention to errors that should be corrected to prevent ownership troubles in the future. With us, no document is left unverified and signed; we serve as witnesses on the sale as directed by the title and escrow companies. We verify the identities and information of the parties involved in the purchase; we then ensure that the client signs in the appropriate places with the initial date and stamp.


A HELOC is the Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit, which means a revolving source of funds or credit cards that the lender agrees to lend out a particular amount for a period of time. Collateral is the borrower’s home.

They are paid back at a fixed rate via monthly payments. The processes involved in getting HELOC qualifications can be pretty long, and any error on information provided might thwart the entire process.

Parts of the documents to be notarized for HELOC include the current market home estimate document, social security number, outstanding credit, property tax bill, and mortgage statement. These documents will contain information that requires an external but neutral person to stand as a witness- this is where we come into place. We save you a lot of time by getting your documents verified and signed by the notary before filing for HELOC.

Deed Signing

Deeds are legal documents that confirm interest or property and are signed, then delivered to the other party. Gone are the days when words of mouth act as a bind on transactions, deeds are the way to bind any claims or interest.

In real estate, they see deeds as documents that can be used to transfer ownership of a property from the owner to the buyer. Types of real estate deeds include the deed of trust, the bargain and sale deed, mortgage deed, grant deed, and warranty deed.

The signing of any deed requires a witness that will corroborate the person’s claims and identity signing the deed. We are neutral, and our years of experience in notarizing your deeds will ensure that the information provided is correct and is binding on all parties.

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