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What Is Mobile Fingerprinting?

About Sign 1st Mobile Notary Services

What is Mobile Fingerprinting?

Today, mobile fingerprinting has become more important than ever, allowing people to secure their identity, while saving them valuable time and money. Unlike other live scans, it is ink-based and it manually captures fingerprints and stores them as required. This process allows on-the-beat background checks for licensing, permits or investigations.

Mobile fingerprinting is often valuable for everyone who might find it difficult to leave their places of primary assignments during the day. Hence, today, many fingerprinting solutions providers have arisen to fill this need.

Once the details of a prospective clients are known, mobile fingerprinting service providers collates the data together and brings the service to the convenience of such a person, capturing their fingerprints distinctly.

Advantages of Mobile Fingerprinting

Advantages of mobile fingerprinting

In the past, there have been various ways of capturing fingerprints which revolves around people queuing to get a stamp pad, however this method has come under increased scrutiny. Why is that so? The spread of coronavirus has impeded public gatherings. More than ever, mobile fingerprinting offers people the chance to stay at home while still catering for their needs.

Mobile fingerprinting service providers like Sign 1st Mobile Notary Services can provide this convenient service to large groups of individuals needing fingerprints capturing at their comfort zones. We can travel wherever your office or business is located. Perhaps if there are space concerns, we can make arrangements for our mobile fingerprinting team to meet up with prospective clients at a convenient location of their choice.

How to choose a reliable fingerprinting technician

Aside from choosing a fingerprint technician that is schooled and learned in the field, there are some characters to look out for. In fingerprinting, the slightest of mistake can compromise the expected result, hence choosing a reliable technician who can pay attention to details, who has patience, is curious and calm is essential. While a company with a combination of these attributes might be rare to find, Sign 1st Notary have proven to be among the most trusted fingerprinting technicians around offering professional, reliable and quality fingerprinting services.

Why choose us for your fingerprinting?

Sign 1st Mobile Notary certified fingerprint technicians undergo extensive training in client relationship management and data management. With the company’s rigorous training programs and periodic refresher courses, no surprises that next-to-zero fingerprint rejection rates are recorded.

Established to provide a fast, reliable, and high-quality service to all clients at the company’s locations, partner locations, or place of your choice, Sign 1st Notary understands the importance of privacy, hence we ensure to treat your data discretely even as we offer top-class services at pocket friendly rates. When it comes to fingerprinting, we are industry leaders.

Thinking of an easy, convenient and clean fingerprint process? Speak with us now!

The Advantages:

  • We ensure you professionalism.
  • We ensure only prompt service.
  • We ensure your privacy.
  • We ensure on time service.
  • We meet at local public location of choice convenient for you.
  • Powerful and unique combination of fingerprinting services and in-house technology.
  • Client-centric, customer facing collaborative approach.


Monday to Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Saturday: 7:00 am-12:00 pm

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“Our initial fee of $110.00 covers two cards, with an additional charge of $25.00 for each extra card. This fee includes travel and setup expenses when scheduling your appointment. For any mobile assignments outside of Jefferson County, there will be an additional travel fee.”


Customers will need to make sure to have a picture ID for the purposes of identity verification. This can be a State Issued ID, Driver’s License, Passport, or Military ID.

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify requirements set forth by institution prints are being sent.

Payment will be due before Fingerprint Technician arrive to appointment. After fingerprints have been processed, we will give you the completed fingerprint cards to take with you and your service is complete. We ask you allow card to dry between 10-15 minutes prior to transporting. Verbal confirmation from customer is required to secure all appointments.

If fingerprints are rejected or returned as not usable, so long as customer shows valid proof of rejection, we will refund amount for card or redo  fingerprint card within 30 days free of charge.

We accept payments in Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Credit/Debit card and Square Invoice Payment.

Are you thinking of the right Mobile Fingerprinting Technician to satisfy your needs? Sign 1st Mobile Notary is the perfect option for you.


When you need fingerprinting services, you don’t have to bother yourself. Just give us the podium to help you using the best method, necessary materials including the fingerprinting cards (FBI FD-258)

Fingerprinting Made Easy, Convenient and Clean

  • We take the hassle and mess out of fingerprinting, using only high quality ink fingerprinting pads with a special solution that wipes away clean while leaving crisp, legible impressions! We come right to your business of choice , or wherever is most convenient for you and our courteous fingerprinting technician will get your prints done quickly to have you on your way!


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