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Mobile Notary Service Vs. The UPS Store

Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Contracts, Affidavits, etc., need to be notarized for them to have any legal effect. A ‘notary public’ is someone appointed by the state government that acts as a quasi-public officer to attest to the proper execution of these important documents.


But where do you get your important documents notarized?


If you have been having your documents notarized before, you know the answer to this question. If you haven’t, The UPS Store readily comes to mind.

The UPS Store offers notary services such that there is a ‘notary public’ at the store to notarize your document. Once this is done, the center will then help you make the necessary copies and ship them to wherever it needs to go.

The process is convenient that many deem it as very easy. All you need to do is find a Notary Public UPS store that offers the service near you, take your documents there, provide a supporting ID, and complete the process.

With over 4900 locations to its belt, finding a local UPS store that offers notary services shouldn’t be a problem. But with all these simple steps needed to be followed, there is some inconvenience that may come with it.

Suppose you’re the type that regularly needs documents to be notarized. In that case, you could find yourself burdened with having to travel to the notary public, only to find the notary not there or that your specific document can’t be notarized there. It further translates to rescheduled appointments or having to travel further to get the document notarized.


These gave rooms for Mobile Notary Services to spring up. So, what are Mobile Notary Services? And what makes them Different from the UPS store?

A Mobile Notary Services typically performs the same services as the UPS notary. Like the UPS Store, a mobile notary service ensures that your legal documents ( wills, affidavits, trusts, etc.) are signed in the presence of an impartial third-party witness.

The underlying issue with using the UPS notary public is that you travel to them. You’d have to go to the UPS store to meet with the notary, having a fixed appointment with them. If they are booked, you’d have to wait until they’re ready.  Also, it is possible that your particular document may not be notarized in such a UPS store.

These inconveniences are what the Mobile Notary services curbs. A Mobile Notary service offers a mobile notary public, such that you do not need to travel to them; they travel to you. Appointments can be made, and most likely, they would work to your schedule.


So, Mobile Notary Services or the UPS store? Which should you go for?

 An important aspect of getting your documents notarized is to find a suitable person. The UPS has consistently provided such persons. So, it’s quite easy for you to get such a person. However, there could be inconveniences as mentioned above.

If you’d rather avoid traveling long distances, every time to get your documents signed, a mobile notary service would work for you. All you need to do is get in touch with a Mobile Notary service near you.

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